Prescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd Edition, is the definitive herbal resource and a necessity for any health-conscious consumer. Throughout its 600 pages, readers will find the basic principles of herbal medicine, herbal remedies suitable in the treatment of over 150 conditions, and self diagnostic tests not available anywhere else.

Since its first publication, Prescription for Herbal Healing has been the go-to-guide for natural health and wellness. This completely revised second edition includes a line-by-line update on everything from disease studies to warning signs and symptoms, and unveils new science on herbs and the use of herbal medicine.

Its all-inclusive A-to-Z format provides up to date research and comprehensive facts in an easy-to-read layout, including:

  • Information on more than 200 herbs and herbal combination formulas, ranging from well-known herbs such as ginseng and Saint-John's-Wort to less familiar remedies such as khella and prickly ash.
  • Complete coverage of Chinese and ayurvedic herbs
  • Discussion of more than 150 common disorders from acne to yeast infection, and the herbal therapies that can be used to treat them.

Inside Prescription for Herbal Healing:

Image of the book Prescription for Herbal Healing